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The StoreWe strive to offer everything you need to enjoy your visit.  If you don't
see something, just ask- we probably have it or will have it soon!

Regular 85 and Premium NON-ETHANOL 91 Gasoline, grocery items, chips, dips, snacks, candy and ice cream, ICE cold beer, wine, and liquor, camping gear, firewood, fishing lures, bait, and maps, cards, books, bumper stickers, 14er souvenirs and T shirts, sweatshirts, socks, and other clothing.



Fishing / Hunting

YES, we are your headquarters at the lakes!  We carry fishing poles,
lures, line, bait, licenses and more.  We also sell fishing equipment by
the bottle, case and six pack.  Be sure to stop in for any forgotten
items- sunscreen, snacks and more.

Biking / Hiking / Backpacking
We strive to carry everything indoors that you may desire outdoors:
numerous maps, trail books, camping equipment, water treatment, first aid,
cooking gas, mountain house freeze dried food, cliff bars, or hot soups
and a full line of convenience foods if you need a break.

Mail Drops
We have always accepted and enjoyed backpacker mail drops.  Although the
address changed, guidebooks have not- the post office is gone, we
encourage you to deliver any needed packages to the store so we can help
you on the trail. *Send your essentials UPS or Fedex if you want to return
or forward your packages, USPS is not so hiker friendly.

Twin Lakes General Store,
ATT: John & Jane Hiker ETA:
6451 E Hwy 82
Twin Lakes, CO 81251

Store Hours

Summer Season
Sun - Thur: 8am - 6pm
Fri - Sat: 8am-8pm
We can stay open later if needed.

Fuel Price

$2.79 Regular Unleaded

$3.79 NON-ETHANOL Premium

Better than Aspen!


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