Lilly Pond Trail

Lilly Pond Trail

This is a nice stroll, great for morning or evening wildlife viewing and birding or fishing. Access north of Lakeview Campground, immediately north of Shore Pretty Overlook (Road 125.1C), is recommended for four-wheel drive only. You may wish to add another two miles to this short hike, and walk up the road through gorgeous aspen groves. There is a maze of trails that wander around these beaver-created ponds.

Directions from Leadville: From Leadville travel south on U.S Highway 24 to the junction of Colorado Highway 82. Travel west approximately 3.5 miles to Lake County Road 24. Turn right (north) on Lake County 24 and follow it approximately 1.1 miles to the scenic parking area just north of Lakeview Campground. Seasonal Information: Normally Accessible: May through September (NOTE: Snow and mud may obstruct the trail at high elevations.) .


Beginning Elevation: 9,622 Feet (2999.4 Meters) South Mt. Elbert Trailhead

Difficulty: Easy Elevation Gain: 778 Feet (242.5 Meters)

Ending Elevation: 10,400 Feet (3241.9 Meters)

Lily Beaver Ponds Length, One-way: 1 Miles (1.67 Kilometers)