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Twin Lakes General Store

Twin Lakes General Store The Twin Lakes General Store has a long, rich history helping prospectors, travelers and is continued by Bob and Motu and our great local staff.  From late May to late October we offer gas, food,, snacks, one-of-a-kind cool souvenirs, camping supplies, alcohol, and great advice to enjoy Colorado's tallest mountain and largest glacial lakes.  

In season, we are open
7 days a week- at least 9 to 6 with weekends 8 to 8.




ATTN: John & Jane Hiker ETA:
6451 E Hwy 82
Twin Lakes, CO 81251

We are a major BACKPACKING RESUPPLY and our favorite customers are hikers along the CDT, CT and 14ers.  Our staff are hikers and trail adopters and work hard to have what you need on your break from the trail: multiple food choices, sandwiches, name-brand bars, coffee, instant foods, Knorr, Ramien, Good To Go, Backpacker Pantry, alcohol, ice cream, technical gear, HEET, jet boil-MSR-butane gas, Nalgene, Klean Kanteen, Alpine Start, and more. 

Our custom services for hikers include:
-Free coffee for CDT and CT hikers
-Phone Recharge Station
-Hiker Box to give and take from
-Outside area to sit, rest, regroup and enjoy the view.
-A cheap used book section stocked with classic and popular books for the trail.
-Frequent Trail Angels, including our own staff, who randomly have extra surprises.

IMPORTANT: Use the physical address- ship your packages to the Twin Lakes General Store and we'll keep yours with the others we have gathered. We'll strive to sell/supply/service your needs.  Send your your box via USPS, UPS, or Fedex or if you want to the option to return or forward your packages in the event you do not arrive, use UPS or Fedex.

Twin Lakes General Store
ATTN: John & Jane Hiker: ETA: (your estimated arrival date)
6451 E Hwy 82
Twin Lakes, CO 81251

Store Hours

Summer Season
Sun - Thur: 8am - 6pm
Fri - Sat: 8am-8pm
We can stay open later if needed.

Fuel Price

$2.79 Regular Unleaded

$3.79 NON-ETHANOL Premium

Better than Aspen!


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