About Us


Carl and Katie

The owners, Carl & Katie are fortunate to live the dream- leaving behind
the 8-5, city life to make their vacation dream come true.  Their energy
and upbeat spirits are invested in the last, true outfitter's post before
climbing independence pass.  With a broad business background and a desire
to serve you, they are a youthful couple who hope your visit.

Carl & Katie have a love for this place deep in their hearts- and want to
share that.  In fact, they even planned their wedding here.  "It's the
most beautiful place we've found in Colorado- even kept me a few nights
I didn't plan for."  Upon their first encounter of many camping
adventures, they found the mountains, lakes and true Colorado experience
at Twin Lakes was unrivaled.  Everything they enjoy is here: hiking,
biking, skiing, camping, fishing, hunting, ghost towns, off road
adventures and more!

Store Hours

Summer Season
Sun - Thur: 8am - 6pm
Fri - Sat: 8am-8pm
We can stay open later if needed.

Fuel Price

$2.79 Regular Unleaded

$3.79 NON-ETHANOL Premium

Better than Aspen!


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