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Twin Lakes General Store

Twin Lakes General StoreWe're glad you found us online- please come in and tell us where you've
been!  The Twin Lakes General Store has a long, rich history helping
prospectors, travelers and is continued by Carl & Katie.  Spring, Summer and Fall- we offer gas,
food, souvenirs, alcohol and everything else we can offer to help you
enjoy Colorado's tallest mountain and largest glacial lakes.   In season, we are open
7 days a week- at least 9-6 and more hours as needed.  If we can assist
you further or this is an emergency- we can be available at anytime, just
give us a call.




ATT: John & Jane Hiker ETA:
6451 E Hwy 82
Twin Lakes, CO 81251

We are the Twin Lakes General Store (new owners). My wife and I are enthusiastic about the hikers that have visited! We are striving to serve
your needs as a BACKPACKING RESUPPLY, we have multiple food choices, instant foods, Knorr, Ramien, Mountainhouse meals, ice cream, technical
gear, HEET, jet boil-MSR-butane gas, and more.  We also have a hiker box at the front door to give and take.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS: The post office was converted to mailbox units, and is no longer a valid address- DO NOT USE PO BOX, General Delievery, etc. We have many packages already sent to us, but we are no longer a full service post office nor receive packages addressed "POST OFFICE..."

IMPORTANT: Use the physical address- ship your packages to the Twin Lakes General Store and we'll keep yours with the others we have gathered. We'll strive to sell/supply/service your needs.  Send your essentials UPS or Fedex if you want to return or forward your packages.

Twin Lakes General Store,
ATT: John & Jane Hiker ETA:
6451 E Hwy 82
Twin Lakes, CO 81251

Looking forward to it!

Carl & Katie
Twin Lakes General Store

Store Hours

Summer Season
Sun - Thur: 8am - 6pm
Fri - Sat: 8am-8pm
We can stay open later if needed.

Fuel Price

$2.79 Regular Unleaded

$3.79 NON-ETHANOL Premium

Better than Aspen!


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